If you are on the list it means that e-mails have failed to be delivered to
the address shown. If so could you please e-mail me your new address here
In my experience the hardest part of maintaining the web site is chasing defunct e-mail addresses.
It really pi**es me off!

Duff Emails: Andrew Peachment   andrew@ajpdes.co.uk
Arthur Hull   arthurhull@hotmail.co.uk
Bill Crump   bill.crump@tesco.net
Bob Tomkins   bobt73@btinternet.com
Charles H. Jones   chas.jones@ntlworld.com
Chris Bishop   bishopcjsm@aol.com
Chris Cannings   chris.cannings@ntlworld.com
Chris George   janeandchrisgeorge@totalise.co.uk
Colin Hollier   cjhollier@theiet.org
Dave Mason   david_mason@talktalk.net
David Adams   david.adams@hylands5.freeserve.co.uk
David Gait   davidgait@hotmail.com
David Harries   deejayhar@aol.com
David Webb   davidwebb34@hotmail.co.uk
Duncan Graham   dgraham@nicolandandrew.com
Elwyn Hughson   elmo62@fsmail.net
Eric Foley   eric@foley-family.co.nz
Fred Holmes   fred@h47.eclipse.co.uk
Gary Price   gjprice.family@tiscali.co.uk
Gerard Hall   gerard.hall1@mypostoffice.co.uk
Gordon Brookes   gordonbrookes@talktalk.net
Gordon Edge   gordon@gordonedge.co.uk
Gordon Unsworth   zoomzoomis@shaw.ca
Graham Binns   GB1309@hotmail.co.uk
Hefin Davies (aka Lou)   kevinwdavies@aim.com
Hugh Williams   hugh@plotamus.gotads1.co.uk
Ian Maiden   imaiden@iee.org
Ian Richmond   Irichmond48@outlook.com
Jim Colchester   sueetjim@club-internet.fr
John Marshall   jmarshall@iee.org
John Mills   Mills@freelance.netlineuk.net
John O=27Reilly   john.oreilly@cranfield.ac.uk
John Selby   johnselby@maynard.co.uk
John Toome   jotandfmp@talktalk.net
John Vosper   john.vosper@btinternet.com
Keith Faulkner   maxfaulk@yahoo.co.uk
Keith Oliver   keith.oliver007@btinternet.com
Ken Hayter   kwhayter@yahoo.co.uk
Kevin D Ruff   kevindruff@talktalk.net
Kevin Lewis   kjlewis@qinetiq.com
Les Arnett   les@arnette.freeserve.co.uk
Martin Wheeler   wheeler@bronsil23.fsnet.co.uk
Martyn Horspool   martyn.horspool@harris.com
Mervyn Harrison   mervyn-harrison@lineone.net
Michael Sutton   mike@mikesuttonphotography.co.uk
Mike Bowles   Michael.Bowles1@btinternet.com
Mike Cribb   mike@fivestarwales.co.uk
Mike Ruddock   mike@ruddock50.fsnet.co.uk
Neville Mills   nevilleandliz.mills@btopenworld.com
Nick Carpenter   njcmotorsport@tiscali.co.uk
Nick Evans  
Paul Robinson   paul.y.robinson@baesystems.com
Paul Shepherd   pdshepherd@qinetiq.com
Pete Hudson   pvo@vogensen.dk
Peter =27Smiler=27 Keik   pkeik@attglobal.net
Peter Merrifield   peter.merrifield@ospl-uk.com
Peter R Beadle   pineyc@comcast.net
Peter Shaw   pgshaw@qinetiq.com
Peter Verralls   pverralls@verralls.net
Peter Williams   peter@williamspw.co.uk
Peter Woodger   PeterWoodg@aol.com
RAY STAINTON   denise@dstainton.wanadoo.co.uk
RAYMOND DOBSON   r.dobson240@btinternet.com
Richard Coughtrie   rich@coughtrie.org.uk
Richard Gilbert   richard.gilbert@baesystems.com
Richard Sambrook   rich@samb.ndo.co.uk
Robert W.A.Hoyes   robert.hoyes@virgin.net
Roger Mills   rogandkay@roger-mills.fsnet.co.uk
Ron Saunders   rsaunders@nachi.co.uk
Stephen Alan Smith   sasafrak@gmx.com
Steven Lorimer   lorimer@vtr.net
Stuart jeffers   stuart.jeffers@ntlworld.com
Terry Cryer   terry.cryer@btinternet.com
Tim Elliott   tim.elliott@i-s-t-l.com
Tim Holt   timothyho@tiscali.co.uk
Tony Firman   tonyfirman@earthlink.net
William Alexander (Bill) MIddleton   wamiddleton@QinetiQ.com

Instead of changing your e-mail address every time that you change your ISP why don't you get your own address for life !
If you register, for example dunroamin.co.uk through the picture link above,
or by clicking here you can keep it as your own personalised address, like george@dunroamin.co.uk and use the very simple control panel to have e-mails automatically forwarded through whichever ISP you are using at any time.
You can have up to 100 different names before the @ sign on the same domain.
That way everyone in your family can use the same domain just by putting their individual name before the @ sign.
Email can then be simply forwarded to you/them automatically via the temporary email address you/they happen to be using on the current ISP.
If you change your ISP you keep your personal email addresses and just change the forwarding address in the 123-Reg control panel.
Mail programmes like Outlook can easily be set-up to show your personalised address in the from field.
That way you appear to the rest of the world to be using the same address and will have continuity of communication if/when you change your ISP.
If you are worried about spam then give an address such as nospam@dunroamin.co.uk to those doubtful sites.
The control panel then enables you various options with that address.

If you have any problems in this area I shall be pleased to help.