1964-65 - second year telecom technicians course (TT2)

Thanks to Bob Richardson

1964-65 TT2 carnival Float
We were the last float in the parade and were asked to do a something to remind people about drink driving-!!
still collected a few bob though including an american guy throwing crunched up 1 dollar bills-!!
On the motor bike John Edge , then 3 local lads, "Doc" Holliday by front of car, behind car ??, in drivers seat me (bob richardson) passenger "squeak" Harris

1965 TT2 On an aerial stand made for the College amateur radio antenna
lower left picture to right
front row Con Evans, "Squeak" Harris, Ray Mansell, John Edge
2nd row Les Blakeborough, Chris Reynard,
3rd row me (Bob Richardson), Dave Lewis
Top "Doc " Holliday

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