( All thanks to Mike Dixon)

After caving:  Alan Robinson,
Com Payne,Mike Dixon, Bob Yarnold
1st Year of the Rag:
I believe we made ~400.
Tony Smith and Johny Woods in the lead.
The condemned man was Pete Bates,
the hangman is unknown.
Pall bearers: Neil Mytton, Keith Hughes
(Still lives in Pershore) and Pete Arkell
The Silly Fakirs '56
(or something like that we were called!).  Real fire,
real nails, no padding.
From the left: Mike Barrett or P G Clarke, Steve Phillips,
Ken Sinden standing on Mike Dixon, and 'Frankie' Lane
Pole Squat '56. I made the pole,
and persuaded Les Arnett to sit on it all morning.
(This I tore out from the local paper, there is an advert on
the back for a Bungalow priced at 750!)
 RagMagsWorcs 56 (or may be later)
Mike Dixon with no trousers (I was co-opted at very short
notice),Dave something in the so'wester, Gerry Evans in
the bowler,
Ken Sinden with the pole and I think John Mills, with
bowler, is on the far right.
(The bowlers were from a year earlier when the
apprentices decided that the college
uniform should include a bowler.)
From the right : Dave Hawthorne, Mike Dixon, ?,
John 'Taff' Lewis,
Colin 'Dixie' Dean, unknown.
Rugby Team 56-57
Top row:  Dave Battye, John 'Conks' Evans, Peter A. M. 'Pam'  Bates,
John 'Taff' Lewis,  Brian Hackley, Neville Owen, Pete Tyson.
Bottom Row: Jacky Eldridge, John Dowell, Jackie Roberts, Pete Small (Capt),
Don A Thomas, Ken Sinden, Mike Dixon.
From the left:  ?, 'Rocky' Stone,
John Brierley?, Colin 'Dixie' Dean,
Mike Dixon.

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