Thanks to Derek Rees:-

From Chris Hammond

On The Hills

Still nimble
Bruce Grime, Chris Hammond, Chris Johnson, Pete Willcocks and Pete Collinge.

Made it to the top
From l. to r.: Moira Hammond, Pete Collinge, Cath Collinge, Maureen Johnson, Chris Johnson and Norah Grime.

Which button?
Bruce Grime

Pete Collinge

At The Mellbreak

There's a hole in the ceiling!
Tricia Marsh, Maureen Ashley, Pete Collinge, Teresa Finch, Bruce Grime and John Talbot.
Lady standing is Ann Cheeeseman our hostess and wonderful cook at 'Mellbreak', Malvern Wells

Solumn lot, they must be hungry
John Talbot, Jo & Tony Woodliffe and Pete Willcocks

Wot! no chips on the menu
Roy & Lyn Snook, Chris & Maureen Johnson

Only two bread rolls left
Steph & Dave Duck, John Ashley & Norah Grime

Bill outnumbered
Maureen Johnson, Cath Collinge and Bill Finch

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