Thanks to Derek Rees:-

All poshed up.
[L-R] Roger Janes, Derek Rees,
Sid Marsh and A N Other who were
some of the guides at a College Open Day.
[L-R] my wife (Gwyneth Cook)
and Margaret [call me Hiawatha] Flanagan (nee Greening)
obviously on a Rag Day.
Mock Severn Battle
Rag Convicts
POWs C of E style
Rag in Worcester
Bulls Week Report
Tyred Students 1958
Rag Show Report

Thanks To Pete Gay:-

Stage Staff1962
The back stage staff for the revue in 1962
Personel Top Row 1? 2 Trevor Jones
3 Brian Firth? 4?
5 Pete Gay 6? 7? 8 Paul Burbidge?  9? 10?
11 Clive Cheadle  12 Dave Harries
13 Martin Richardson?  14 Pete Loach
15 Hugh Nightingale
Front Row 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 8 ?
9 Keith Richardson  10?
Cigars1964 Dave Simons on a return visit in 1964,
again ? in Wobbley Wheel
Terry Mallaband, Geoff Hawes,
Robin Jones (in front) Dave Simons (in front)
Pete Gay (in rear)
Counting 1964 (counting the Rag proceeds in 1964)
L - R   ?, Dave?, ? ,?,?, Phil Tressider, ? , ?, ? ,?, Pete Gay.
Standing George Robinson and Mike? (president S.U.)
Outside the Wobbley Wheel
Pete Gay, Geoff Hawes, Bill Richmond,
Dave Simons, Robin Jones, Terry Mallaband,
Pete Bromley.
Erics 21st 1964
Mixed Dip3 and Dip2 group in 1964 (Similar photo to one sent by Ian Brearly)
taken in the Wobbley Wheel
Standing Geoff Hawes, Terry Mallaband, Dave Simons,
Pete Bromley,Robin Jones, Pete Gay,
Kevin Cleary (in background), Pete Westbury
Front Row Ian Brearly, Stuart Jeffers,
Eric Goddard, Jeff Andrews

Thanks To Keith Richardson:-

Christmas dinner at Parkview somewhere around 1959-60.
recognisable in the picture from L to R -
Peter Deering, Jim ?, Hugh Nightingale,
Peter Perry, Keith Richardson,
Dick Lawrence, Alan Redgrove,
Tony (WEA) Davies Paul Burbidge.
A group of the 1958 intake who seem to have
congregated on my bed for some reason.
L to R
Peter Deering, ?, Dick Lawrence, ?,
Paul Burbidge, Alan Redgrove.
At the rag week ball probably 1963
L to R
Brian Holdstock, His then girlfriend Sheila,
Clive Cheadle, Keith Richardson,
someone who I instantly recognised,
but cannot for the life of me think of his name.
Pram race starting from
Parkview in 1964
Second pram from left Pete Gay (in pram),
Howard Legg pushing
Third pram from left Kevin Cleary (in bath),
? Robin Jones on left pushing,
? right pushing
I don't recognise anyone else.

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