Ian Maiden's Pictures from 1964 and Rag weeks

O2 Class photo:
Taken outside college workshops.  Mr Freestone on right - can't remember other two instructors' names.
Greg Allard and Dave Batkin Woods not present
Wheelbarrow race:
Start at Tudor hotel with first pusher downing half pint then running to
next pub where passenger (terrified) leapt out for a gulped half pint
then swapped pushing to next pub and so on to exhausting finish.
Course ran down to Link top and back along Orchard road.
Downing beer quickly and pushing our superb physiques to the limit.
Myself (Ian Maiden)
and John Hartley coming into Park View.
Magnificent Men in their flying machine:
This carnival float won. Pilot Chris Angus, co-pilot Ern Broadbent, co-co-pilot Jess James,
co-co-co-pilot Ian Maiden.  DJ Dave Peddler.
Ian Maiden, Tone Mole, Chris Turner
Magnificent Men
Magnificent Men
Magnificent Men
Magnificent Men
Magnificent Men
En-route to start of procession
had problem with tree but managed to fix wing.
Pond In Winter Gardens
Rag week - Ian Maiden Showing some leg and Nick Pearce in the pram
Rag week - Ian Maiden, Nick Pearse
plus unknown as the PC

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