Trakkers, groupies and friends

Submitted by Peter Dearing, electronics apprentice 1958-1963

Presenting: Les Gardner, Selwyn Read, Alan Redgrove, Dick Lawrence and Pete Wilcox

The Trakkers pose for the press

Pete in moody mood

Sock it to 'em Les!

Selwyn plays a mean fiddle

Dick plays the high notes, while Alan attends to the low notes

A one

A two

A three -rock on!

Dave Harries records the Trakkers for "The Black Vinyl Record"

Dave's cutting edge technology needed to fill the Winter Gardens (with equipment, not sound)

Dave with some twit in recording session

The hills are alive with the sound of (music?)

"Who's put spaghetti in my ear", asks Hugh Nightingale

"You think you have problems, I've got a guitar stuck up my nose", says Alan

Photographer attacked on Malvern Hills!

Hugh serenades Keith Richardson in one of Park View's salubrious rooms.