59 HND & FORD 8 !

(Thanks to Peter Prest)

I was on the first HND course starting in '59. I've sent you my details including a list of all the others in my group.
I also remember some of the '60 entry: Philip Treseder,Chris Escritt,
Derek Adams, Pete Theobald, Pete Williams? plus some others whose names I've
forgotten but may return to me, and of course lots of others from the other
courses whose names you already have.

Apart from my year the photos include Tony Woodliffe
and Dave Duck, although looking at them, they may sue me!

. In the pub:
I think it was in St Johns Worcester.
front left to right: me (Peter Prest), Alan Bagley,
Tony Woodliffe, Dave Duck, Frank Hawkins, Derek Adams
Back l to r: Terry (Flash) Hart (a friend of Alan Bagley's),
? Garrard, Stuart Thornley, Christine, Phil Treseder,
John Penwarden, unknown girl, Clive Cheadle
Pram race:
Stu Thornley illegally aided
by 3 pushers
Being aware that our life-style had not prepared us for this strenuous
event, Stu and I decided that outrageously blatant cheating was required.
We therefore organised a van to take us over part of the route, and a series of
'pushers' at strategic points. Despite this, an athlete (Chris Batchelor I
think) still won!! However we did receive a barrel of beer as a 'special'
prize. Nevertheless retribution followed, as while I was carrying it up the
hill for an impromtu celebration, I stumbled and the barrel nearly took off
the end of a finger - I still have the scars.
Stu is getting off the pram and
I am holding the van door.
Rag '60
l to r: Frank Hawkins, Jenny Sims?, Richard Brown,
Tony Brewer, Peter Prest
(with frying pan), John Penwarden, and in the front!
with his head in a bag!
Des Hesse.
Top Workshop: Cof E northsite
l to r: Stu Thornley, Peter Prest,
John Smith, Max Gowman.
You can see some of the instruments
we used to make on the bench.
In the college
l to r: Gordon Edge, Roger Dowling,
Des Hesse, with Frank Hawkins in front
cuttting from Malvern Gazette,
probably 1963 above the college at
north site.
Rag 62
The poster reads,
Winter Gardens KRAZY NIT[E] Dr Crock and his Crackpots,
Rag 62
lh motorbike; Derek Adams, rh motorbike; Peter Prest

The Ford 8 Open Tourer which John Penwarden, John Smith and I
owned between us. I think we paid 10 altogether.
We did many miles in it including camping trips to N. Wales and
once it carried 14 people and a bicycle along the straight to Hanley Swan.
It eventually fell victim to the very first MOT test,
"not fit to be on the road" if I remember correctly.

When we bought it, it did not have a hood, but we made one from the bottom
of a rubber boat which we found in the basement of Park View - I hope it
wasn't yours! The car was originally black but was improved by a little
artwork on a red and yellow base. Unfortunately this was housepaint,
and it was always a little sticky.

Outside Park View.
Driver John Penwarden.
In the back l to r: Phil Treseder,
Peter Prest, Frank Hawkins
At Cafe ( in Ledbury)
l to r: John Penwarden, Stu Thornley,
possibly Frank Hawkins, Peter Prest
Outside park View
l to r: Phil Treseder with handle,
John Penwarden, Peter Prest,
Frank Hawkins
Photos or stuff like this will be welcome. Please email it in jpg, gif or similar format.