(selected photographs from the many taken)

Thanks to Michael Green
Taff Morgan, Norm Sheen, Ian Barnett,Brian Daniels (all '56)
at rear; Dave Rees ('57), Olive Fagan,Keith Fagan ('57)
Jim Colchester, John Burfitt, Phil Lee(all '56)
Left foreground: Sid Marsh ('57);rear: John Marshall, John Howell,Martin Richardson (all '56)
Mrs. and Mr. Ian Barnett, John Marshall( both '56)
Front: Mike Green, John Marshall;rear: Ian Barnett,Mike Tyler (all '56)
Not sure, 'Joe' McCarthy,Com Payne (all '55)
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne
Thanks to Keith Fagan
Bill Finch and Ladies Chris Hammond & Gwyneth Rees
Dave Duck, Tony Woodliffe Dave Orton & John Talbot
Derek Rees,Peter Willcox & Jock Whitcome Moira Hammond & Mike Green
The Gang The day after
Thanks to Ian Barnett
Look closely at rear left
to see the webmaster and his wife
in purple
We have to get some fame sometime!

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