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I am no longer the custodian of the individual records College Of Electronics Students. I have passed them to Hugh Williams who runs the MRATHS webs site. He has added them to his museum collection but, if you would like yours they are still available via that web site.


The end of an era.


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There was a reunion on September 26th, 2004 held at the Blue Bell Inn, Barnard's Green.
Organised by Tony Smith and attended by some 20 ex-apprentices and their wives.
Many were from the early part of the 1950's intakes. Perhaps someone would like to organise a bigger get-together next year?
Tony Swann [1952 intake]


2003 Reunion for 1957 Electronics intake.
This took place on the weekend of 28/29 June 2003

"We have just had a good reunion with some ex-apprenti from the '57 intake. A splendid meal at the 'Mellbreak' on Saturday night (preceded by an afternoons energetic 'stroll' to the Beacon to work up an appetite), rounded off by a great pub lunch on the Sunday. The event was organised by Chris Hammond and occasioned by the visit of Bruce and Norah Grime from 'down under'."
Derek (Dai) Rees
See the Picture Gallery for some photos of the event.


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It would appear that the old North Site and the College of Electronic site
are to be redeveloped. Housing? Science park? Industrial area? School?
Read all about it
This was last year's news but the saga continues: debates all round in the local press.


The following clip from the Malvern Gazette's "Echoes from the past" August 9 2002
would substantiate John Wilson's correction to the Official History on this web site which
in turn infers that Parkview Hostel was opened to apprentices in 1956.
Reading the Official History again I would say that the sequence of text probably does not
follow the sequence it time.
Both are probably correct.

The following note from Alex McLeod suggests an even earlier date.
"I have noticed the controversy about the exact date that the County Hotel was opened to apprentices.
I never left the Geraldine Staff Club , but by 1951 most had moved. I went there only once to look
around and was not impressed!!!"

REUNION 8th MARCH 2002 ---
Was it a success or was it a success?

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(To be sung to the tune of Red River Valley)
And only in a drunken state.


Our war cry is Taurus Abundum
And whenever that dread sound is heard,
You can bet you will find an Apprentice
With his beer, cigarettes and a bird.


Now we are a breed called Apprentice,
Staunch, honest, faithful and true,
And today we are hoping to show you
Of the things that '.Apprentices do.

We have come from all parts of the country
To glorify Worcestershire's vales,
From the Highlands of Scotland and Clapham
From Yorkshire and CARDIFF in Wales.

We're a broad minded lot of young people,
With interests too varied for words,
We, like blondes, we like brunettes and redheads,
We like girls, females, fillies and birds

DERA MALVERN is no more.

It has been split in to two separate operations working from the same site.
QinetiQ for independent science and technology research
DSTL an agency of the Ministry of Defence.
The DSTL has a historical account of the The Apprenticeship scheme which you can find by clicking:
on this web site
Unfortunately they have now made it impossible for me to give you a direct link.

A steady stream of old boys.

We are now well past the 100 mark in the Hall Of Fame
Slowly but surely the news of this site is spreading.
If you are in contact with any other old boys who haven't subscribed please
taurusy them in to doing so.
Nick Pearse, the editor of the actual Rag Mag edition on our front page, is now with us.
A posting on the Friends Reunited web site brought several new contacts. There is a page
on that web site for the College, but this is the real thing!

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